What are the costs for students to participate in the performance onstage at the Ryman Auditorium?

1) There is no cost for students to perform at the Ryman Auditorium.

2) Students will be required to memorize the performance music you receive from your choir director.

What if I’m a parent of a performing student and wish to attend the concert?

Tickets for “1,000 Voices of Christmas” can be purchased thru our website,
Ticketmaster, Ryman.com or The Ryman Auditorium Box Office.

Will it cost for a choir director of a participating school to attend the concert?

There is no charge for a participating school choir director to attend “1,000 Voices of Christmas”.  Choir directors are important to our mission and an integral part in helping the concert go smoothly.  We recognize their lifelong dedication and welcome their involvement.  We are happy to comp 1 ticket per participating school choir director for the performance.  We LOVE our choir directors!!

What is the performance attire for the “1000 Voices of Christmas” concert?

Ladies: Long Black Dress.

Please no jewelry and no perfume.

Men: White Shirt, Black Pants, Black Socks.

Bow tie or regular long black tie. Black blazer/suit jacket optional.

Please no cummerbund and no cologne.

What are the essential items for vocalists to bring on the day of the performance?

Music must be memorized, so there is no need to bring your sheet music.

As few personal items as possible because holding space is limited at the Ryman Auditorium.